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·       Joseph & Megan James

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Who is Joseph James?

Joseph James is the head trader of, a trading education website based in Los Angeles is possibly the longest-running trading education site on the planet, opened in 2008, our trade room has been running successfully for 10+ years and has helped over 3,000 clients launch a successful trading career.

JJ, as his friends call him, is one of the most well-known and trusted price-action traders on the planet, widely known for his popular Nightly Newsletter and Trading Psychology lessons on his YouTube channel.

Unlike most professionals, Joseph wasn’t born into a trading family….

He became fascinated with the financial markets and the business of day trading when he learned about trading from a professor in one of his college classes. 

Trading became an instant passion for Joseph when he discovered that trading was the most efficient business model in the world with unlimited growth potential and very few barriers for entry and growth.

It didn’t take Joseph long to realize that trading offered him a unique opportunity to earn a substantial income, while living a lifestyle that was previously thought to be for only the elite and wealthy. 

Joseph has dedicated the majority of his time learning and perfecting the art of reading 'price action' on a chart and using 'technical analysis' to find reliable trading opportunities by exploiting the emotions of fear and greed that affect other traders in the market.

His favorite futures markets are Crude Oil, E-minis, Gold, and Euro.

After developing his own proprietary trading system, Joseph became the head-trader at the so that he could share his passion of technical analysis and day trading with the rest of the world.

Joseph operates a ‘Trade Room’ every day with his students at where he teaches & demonstrates his trading strategy so that his students may learn to trade in an interactive, hands-on environment.

Joseph invites his clients to “look over his shoulder” every morning in his trade room, and his clients love that he answers questions at the same time he is teaching and trading… a skill that has taken him 10 years to develop, and is unmatched in any other trading room on the internet.

Joseph is known as one of the most motivating personalities in the day trading industry, and enjoys the sport of triathlon, red wine, and home-cooked organic meals with his family and friends.

================================== is known as the leader in high-performance day trading education. 

The SchoolOfTrade provides their clients with a self-directed education course, and a web-based 'trade room' to enhance their learning experience.

The self-directed (video) education provides the client with the knowledge and skills they need to use technical analysis to identify high-probability trading opportunities in the futures markets, along with the understanding of market psychology and risk-management that is essential to a trader's long-term success.

In addition to the video course, clients of the SchoolOfTrade attend a daily webinar (8:00am - 12:30pm EST M-F) where they can learn “hands-on” with the moderator, Joseph James.  Joseph is a master at teaching his trading strategy, allowing his clients to learn by watching him execute the strategy he teaches in his video education course.  The goal of the 'trade room' is to demonstrate the application of the trading strategy in a hands-on environment, and it is known as one of the best in the trading industry.

Call me @ 800.381.2084, or Click Here to Register as a New Member


Contact us to learn more about becoming a member:

·       Joseph & Megan James

·        Phone:  800.381.2084

·        Skype:  Megan.James12345

·        Email: