2 Secrets for Trading Channels

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I remember the first few days of my trading career…

…I had never been more excited in my entire life.

New computer, new trade account, and endless opportunity.

Like most rookies…

I was under the (incorrect) assumption that there was a special computer software, a complex algorithm, some “code” that I needed to crack if I was going to be successful.

In fact, I remember skipping the first few chapters of my trading books because I “didn’t need the basics”.

That was the costliest mistake I could have made.

Three and a half years later, I had burned through every indicator I could find, tried every fancy automated system, and was on my third trade account.

Then the best thing happened… a MENTOR.

My first real mentor in my trading business told me…

“scrap the indicators, and learn how to use a moving-average, symmetry, and trend channels.”

I laughed at him first... what was I supposed to do with those?  “Didn’t those stop working back in the 80’s??”

The funny part was… he was 200% RIGHT.

He showed me how to draw channels correctly…

…and how they tell you EVERYTHING you need to find profitable trades.

Over the next 2 years, I became obsessed with channels, symmetry, and that little moving-average…

…and I finally learned that those simple tools will tell you EVERYTHING you need to find profitable trades…

…but you need to be LISTENING to what they tell you.

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