[FTC6] The Trap Set-up

Tapping into the “mindset” of the market is one of the best-kept secrets among professional traders…

In fact, most rookies never survive long enough in this business to ever discover it!

The challenge is – you won’t learn this technique in the popular trading books on Amazon, and very few people are willing to share this knowledge with rookie traders these days…

The only way to learn this “secret” is to study charts for many years (like I did), or learn it from someone who’s been studying the markets for over 10 years, like me…

And that secret is how to use the “mindset” of the market to help identify the best times to look for a different type of entry set-up – what I call the “trap” set-up…

And in today’s lesson you’re going to learn all the important details:

·       How Market-Psychology plays an important role
·       What the Trap Pattern looks like on a chart
·       How to trade the Trap set-up in Trend Days
·       How to trade the Trap set-up in Range Days
·       Expert Tips to maximize your results.


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