[FTC4] The Pullback Set-up

Pullback patterns are usually one of the first entry patterns we learn as rookies…

But it doesn’t take much experience to learn that most pullbacks are going to fail when you use them in the wrong market conditions…

And not every pullback is the same – some have one leg, and some have two legs…

Some pullbacks are in good locations, and some pullbacks are in bad locations…

Knowing this, it’s important to learn the REAL secrets of these powerful entry patterns in today’s video lesson, because…

When used in the correct market conditions, with the right entry rules, the pullback set-up is one of my favorite ways of riding the market’s momentum to the intended target…

And in today’s lesson you’re going to learn all the important details:

·       How Market-Psychology plays an important role
·       What the Pullback Pattern looks like on a chart
·       How to trade the Pullback set-up in Trend Days
·       How to trade the Pullback set-up in Range Days
·       Expert Tips to Maximize your results.

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